by Matt Alderton | November 14, 2017
When you're interviewing for a new job, it's not only what your mouth says that can lose you the position. Often, it's what your body says, too.

"How you deliver information can be as revealing as the information itself," explains Monica Torres of The Ladders, who says confident body language is critical for anyone who wants to nail a job interview. "Fidgeting hands, drumming fingers, and flailing gestures do not convey hire-me vibes; they expose your nerves."

Confident body language starts with the eyes, according to Torres. "One of the easiest social cues to increase your hiring chances is making regular eye contact with your interviewer. Body language experts have found that when someone looks you in the eye, it indicates confidence, authority, and presence."

Next, focus on mirroring your interviewer.

"Maintaining eye contact is basic body language knowledge. A more advanced class to take is consciously mirroring the tone, posture, mannerisms, and energy of your interviewer," Torres explains. "Social psychologists call this the 'chameleon effect' and have found that the mirroring increases your interviewer's chances of liking you and smooths over interactions. So when your interviewer leans back, you lean back, too -- but subtly. (You don't want to look like an actual mime.)"

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