by Matt Alderton | February 05, 2018
When you're the boss, you have to manage many different personality types. One of the most difficult, however, undoubtedly is the slacker, according to contributor Minda Zetlin, author of "The Geek Gap."
"Most managers hate working with slackers because they appear lazy or incompetent, or both," says Zetlin, who sought advice for dealing with slackers from Tim Eisenhauer, co-founder of Axero Solutions, maker of the workplace intranet Communifire.

Eisenhauer's advice for managing office slackers: Instead of firing them, try developing them.

"Often what they need is more structure," Eisenhauer tells Zetlin. "Work with a slacker to set goals. Make sure these goals are emotionally appealing, meaning they connect somehow to their interests and strengths. Create a sense of urgency if you can."

The key is figuring out why the employee is slacking off in the first place -- often, they're bored or under-challenged -- and implementing a solution to address it. "Try finding something important for them to do, and urge them to do something that will be difficult and outside their comfort zone," Zetlin concludes. "You may discover that your slacker isn't so lazy after all."

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