by Keith Johnston | June 01, 2020
A few short weeks ago, we could throw anything at the online wall and it would stick. The world was so hungry for any human interaction that we would all log in to every virtual town hall, Zoom happy hour or work Hangout - but that new-car smell is starting to fade. As our friends, colleagues and industry peers become familiar with the technology and grow more comfortable being on camera for the world to see, their expectations of the content we deliver are evolving. "If you build it, they will come" is fast becoming "If you build it, a few people might show up."

So, how do you keep the eyes on the screens and ensure that as more and more events come online, yours is the one that stands out and is remembered? While there is no magic bullet, there are some practical tips and tricks that you can follow that will make your virtual event stand out in a crowded field. 

Virtual meetings succeed or fail for the same reasons live events do: ease of access, quality content and return on investment. If I give you my money or time, you must make it simple for me to get something in return. Read the full story on for tips on how to make your digital event stand out from the crowd.