by Matt Alderton | August 06, 2019
Job seekers often believe that a face-to-face interview is their opportunity to make a stellar first impression on a potential employer. Actually, though, the first impression comes much earlier, when the hiring manager receives your résumé and reads the cover letter that you've sent with it.

"The cover letter is your first introduction to the person who may hire you, and its goal should be to make you as memorable as possible, in a good way," author Andy Talajkowski writes in a blog post for Glassdoor, quoting from the company's "How to Write a Cover Letter" guide.

According to Talajkowski, there are a few things you can tweak in your cover letter to make it more memorable. The first is addressing it to a specific person.

"Before you start your cover letter, make sure it's personally addressed to the reader," Talajkowski says. "While your instinct may be to open with 'To whom it may concern' as you crank out letters to different employers, it's much more worthwhile to use the name of the hiring manager."

Another change you should make is to incorporate more numbers. "Including numbers at the beginning of your cover letter … provides concrete evidence of your previous professional accomplishments," Talajkowski continues. "Metrics such as hours devoted to a project or number of people you managed on a team can impress a recruiter off the bat."

Finally, make it clear that you're not just qualified for the job, but also excited to do it. "Expressing your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for demonstrates your dedication to a job," Talajkowski concludes. "Beyond explaining your skills, saying you're excited and want to hit the ground running shows you're truly interested in the field you are pursuing."

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