by Matt Alderton | September 10, 2018
Everybody hates Mondays - including your staff. If you want to earn a place in their hearts, therefore, a good way to do so is to help them cure their Monday blues.
"As an employer, you want your employees to be productive all week long, no matter what day is," says Fast Company contributor Terra Vicario. "Sure, you might not be able to control whether or not your employees enjoy their day-to-day tasks. But there are things you can implement so that your employees don't dread Monday as much."

For instance, make Mondays a day for social teambuilding. "How many times do we plan team lunch, happy hour, or dinner on a Wednesday or Thursday? Try rescheduling to Monday," Vicario says. "If a team meal or happy hour isn't your thing, you can organize a walk at lunch with everyone. This gives them an opportunity to bond, and a little bit of sunlight and movement will also help stave off the dreaded afternoon slump."

To go one step further, consider doing "Friday things" on Monday instead of Friday. "Many companies have 'fun' activities on a Friday, whether it's casual Friday, theme dress days, or popcorn or ice cream in the office," Vicario continues. "All these initiatives matter. I'm sure that people look forward to wearing jeans if they work in an office that requires business attire, but here's the thing -- there is no law stating that companies can only do these things on a Friday. In fact, getting into the week might be so much easier if employees were allowed to dress down on a Monday and Friday."

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