by Matt Alderton | July 01, 2014
Your ideal company is filling your ideal position. Although you were lucky enough to get an interview, you didn't get the job. Now what?

According to Personal Branding Blog's Marc Miller, you should turn your disappointment into a learning opportunity. When you learn from your mistakes, he says, you will avoid repeating them, which will help you land the next job when it comes around.

"You did not get the job," Miller says. "That is true - but let's create a process where you can learn and grow from the experience."

Upon receiving a rejection notice from a potential employer, Miller suggests sending an email to the individuals with whom you interviewed, thanking them for their time and asking them for feedback. A month or two after that, he says, you should use LinkedIn to continue the learning experience.

"Check to see who was hired for the position," he says. "If it was an external candidate, check to see how their credentials compare to yours. Were they better qualified?"

If they were, you can set to work filling the gaps in your resume and developing the assets that you lacked.

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