by Matt Alderton | March 19, 2018
Theater audiences around the world are obsessed with "Hamilton." If you've had the pleasure of seeing it, you've likely found yourself at one point or another randomly humming the tune to the hit song "My Shot." But then again, you expected to like the music. What you probably didn't expect was to learn lessons about leadership.
And yet, "Hamilton" had a lot of them to teach, according to contributor Suzanne Lucas.

"While the play itself was a masterpiece, I couldn't get out of 'Evil HR Lady' mode. So many management lessons stood out to me," says Lucas, an HR professional who blogs about human resources under the moniker "Evil HR Lady."

One lesson "Hamilton" teaches, for example, is: Your ensemble makes or breaks you.

"I had no doubt that the stars would be outstanding and they were … But what amazed me more was the perfection of the ensemble," Lucas says. "While the stars were off stage from time to time, the ensemble was practically always there, always dancing, and always singing. And their dance moves were so well done it was hard to believe this was live theater with no chance for re-shooting. If the ensemble hadn't been perfect with their performances, the stars would have fallen flat."

The lesson? "You may be the star and you may want to hire stars," Lucas explains, "but the show -- and your company -- will be a disaster if your support staff doesn't have it together."

Another lesson worth heeding: You don't need to have every skill to be a success.

"You know who didn't dance and still brought the house down? King George … Just by raising his eyebrows and twirling his scepter, he had the audience under his total dominion," Lucas says. "Companies often have impossibly long lists of qualifications for every position, afraid that if a particular candidate can't do every skill, they'll fail. Well, it's not true. [King George] didn't need to dance, rap, or jump off tables in order to perform his role, and if they had focused on finding someone who could do all of that -- or wanted to do all of that -- they would have missed out."

Clearly, history isn't the only subject to which "Hamilton" lends itself!

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