by Matt Alderton | May 16, 2018
You never know when a new job opportunity will come knocking. To make sure you're ready and able to answer the door when it does, it helps to make sure your resume is always updated and ready to go.
"Looking for a job is difficult under the best of circumstances, and it gets considerably more so when you're not prepared," observes Lifehacker contributor Aimée Lutkin.

According to Lutkin, the best and easiest way to ensure you always have a current resume on hand is to regularly update yours as your career unfolds.

"When you get a new job, save the description and requirements from the application and use it to later add the job to your resume," Lutkin advises. "When the day comes, you'll be able to explain exactly what you were doing to your next employer. In fact, just add it to your resume ASAP, followed by the current date, a dash, and a blank space for the date you leave."

Don't just update new positions in real time; update new achievements, too.

"Keep a work journal. Every major accomplishment should be noted," explains Lutkin, who says good things to record include: reacting well in a crisis situation; finishing a project or a major milestone in a project; learning something new that makes you better at your job; adding new responsibilities, job titles, or new people you oversee; and lessons learned. "Best practice is to update it every day before you leave or you'll forget."

When you add new positions and accomplishments to your resume as they happen -- now instead of later -- you'll be ready to seize new career opportunities as soon as they present themselves.

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