by Matt Alderton | January 05, 2017
When it comes to work/life balance, public enemy No. 1 is email. That's why France has passed a law outlawing it -- well, some of it, anyway.

"France passed a law this week that requires companies with more than 50 employees to set up fixed times when work emails and other communication cannot be sent," reports writer Nina Zipkin.

Unless you live in France, you'll need to control your own inbox. To do so, Zipkin suggests using a tool like Inbox Pause.

"Inbox Pause from productivity software startup Boomerang adds a blue pause button to users' email," she reports. "Once that button is selected, any emails that are sent go into a label until they are ready to be read, and the sender will get a message that their note won't arrive in the recipient's inbox."

Or, there's tools like Mailstrom. "Mailstrom wants to help users tailor their inboxes to their needs, and includes functions such as Chill, which allows the recipients to decide when they want to read incoming mail," Zipkin continues. "An Expire option sets a timer for notes from specific senders to stay in an inbox."

Email still ruining your day? "Services such as Cold Turkey and Freedom allow users to do a full social media, email, and Internet blackout," Zipkin concludes.

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