by Matt Alderton | July 12, 2017
Children are taught that it's better to be rubber than to be glue -- to have everything bounce off of them and stick on to you. In the case of websites, however, it's always better to be glue, suggests contributor Alex Bashinsky, co-founder of Picreel.

According to Bashinsky, businesses should seek a "bounce rate" of less than a third.

"Conventional wisdom suggests that a 'good' bounce rate (a.k.a., the number of visitors who check out a single page on your site and then leave) falls between 30 to 50 percent. But if you ask me, anything over 25 to 30 percent represents an opportunity to reach more potential customers through the implementation of design and user-experience hacks that keep visitors on your pages longer," he says.

There are many strategies that can reduce your bounce rate. One of the easiest, however, is to change the images on your site to show people instead of objects.

"Medelia Art conducted an A/B test that pitted homepage images of artists' paintings against photos of the artists themselves. The result? A conversion rate increase of more than 95 percent when the artists' faces were shown," Bashinsky says. "The bottom line is this: People like to look at faces and they trust them more than stock graphics. Add them to your site today."

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