by Matt Alderton | August 31, 2017
When you have a routine -- wake up, work, sleep, then repeat -- life can get boring. It doesn't have to be that way, though. To keep yourself excited about life, make life interesting, suggests Quora contributor Shikhar Agarwal.

"It's up to you to make your life meaningful and interesting," Agarwal says.

One way to live a more tantalizing life is to do things you're afraid of doing. "Afraid of water? Go scuba diving! Afraid of rides? Go to Europa Park in Germany (6 Flags would look like child's play!)," Agarwal continues. "When you overcome your fear, or at least fight it, it gives you invaluable happiness. And believe me, the probability that you would be hurt because of scuba diving is as low as a cosmic ray escaping from a distant star and hitting your laptop."

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