by Matt Alderton | March 21, 2016
When employees are full of energy, they do more and better work. When they're not, their productivity suffers.
"Brain science explains why," writes Successful Meetings contributor Brady G. Wilson, co-founder of Juice Inc., a corporate training company that serves organizations from Toronto to Los Angeles. "When we are low on energy, the first thing we lose is our 'executive function' -- the part of our brain that affects our ability to focus, analyze information, regulate our emotions, be innovative, and make smart decisions."

Fortunately, there are many ways for managers and employers to give low-energy teams a jolt. One of the simplest, for instance, is engaging them in a quick personal conversation.

"People's energy levels are elevated through meaningful connection. Even within just two minutes, quality, face-to-face conversation releases high-performance hormones in the brain, decreasing stress, tension, and worry," Wilson explains. "Rather than ask an employee how they are doing, ask them what they have planned in the coming months. For example, are they excitedly planning a weekend getaway with someone special, or are they preparing for a visit from the dreaded in-laws? The key is being present in the moment and showing genuine curiosity. Acknowledge what matters most to the other person. Then, share what matters most to you."

The result won't just be stronger employer-employee relationships, but also a more energized -- and more productive - workforce.

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