by Matt Alderton | December 10, 2018
Anyone who runs a business knows: It costs your company more to hire a new employee than it does to keep an existing one. Smart organizations therefore make employee retention -- and, by extension, employee loyalty -- a major priority. But how do you inspire your staff to be loyal in an age of serial employment?

The answer: You've got to practice more empathy, author and emotional intelligence expert Harvey Deutschendorf writes in an article published by Fast Company.

"According to studies carried out by Development Dimensions International (DDI), empathy is the biggest single leadership skill needed today," Deutschendorf reports. "Some companies believe that empathy is so important that they send managers to 'empathy training.' According to the Wall Street Journal, 20 percent of employers now offer empathy training, which is up substantially from 10 years prior."

Empathy unlocks loyalty, Deutschendorf says, because it makes people feel valued. "One of the most common cited reasons for people leaving an organization is lack of trust in and appreciation from those they report to," he explains. "Empathy increases trust, a sense that staff are valued and cared about. Whether in our personal relationships or part of an organization, we will be more likely to stay when we feel like we are heard, appreciated and cared about."

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