by Matt Alderton | January 24, 2013
Poor posture doesn't just hurt your back and your neck. According to contributor Lisa Evans, it also hurts your productivity.

"Good posture allows the muscles around the lungs to stretch, allowing you to take fuller breaths, boosting productivity and improving concentration and focus," explains Evans, who recommends yoga as an ideal remedy for improving both your posture and your performance.

In fact, Evans says, some yoga poses can even be done at your desk. For instance, the Seated Spinal Twist, which helps release back tension. "Plant your feet on the floor and elongate your spine with the crown of your head in line with your tailbone," Evans advises. "Next, cross your right leg over your left and on the exhale, twist from the lower belly towards the top leg, allowing the upper body to follow. Hold the pose on each side for 30 seconds to one minute."

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