by Matt Alderton | October 12, 2017
If you're struggling with work/life balance, one reason could be your inability to focus. Because without focus, something that should take an hour to complete could easily end up taking a day.

And what's to blame for your lack of focus? Often, it's lack of sleep, according to Ladders contributor Monica Torres.

"Too many of us are sleep-deprived zombies because we failed to get the eight hours of sleep science says we need, or else, we act like we are legally drunk," Torres says.

Her suggested solution: Take more naps.

"We ultimately cannot game sleep, but research has found that we can play its game by incorporating short, timed naps at key hours of the day," continues Torres, who says the best time of day for naps is the afternoon. "University of Pennsylvania researchers found that a one-hour nap after lunch improved 3,000 elderly seniors' ability to recall tasks better and solve more math problems. At best, the participants' brains would perform as if they were five years younger."

And that's just one study among many that prove the power of afternoon naps.

"A University of California study found that adults who took afternoon naps not only performed better than people who took no naps, but that nappers were able to complete challenging tasks better than they had in earlier in the day," Torres reports. "[And] if the science of sleep doesn't sway you, trust in the powerful people who take napping very seriously. Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Salvador Dali, and Johannes Brahms are reportedly among the famous nappers in history."

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