by Matt Alderton | May 21, 2017
Having a massive event in a massive venue is a sure sign of success. If you're not careful, however, your success could be your undoing. Case in point: A/V.

"A popular event can attract a huge crowd, but the sheer number of attendees can make it difficult for those guests to hear. That can translate into lost opportunities for participation, not to mention discomfort for guests and frustration for event managers," says Successful Meetings contributor Don Roth, owner and CEO of AmpliVox Sound Systems.

To make sure your sound is as big as your event is, Roth recommends dividing your space into zones and leveraging portable speakers in each zone.

"When utilized properly, portable systems are powerful enough to fill even the largest venues," he says. "Strategic placement of equipment, with wireless connections between units, allows for comprehensive coverage to reach all listeners."

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