by John Nawn, The Perfect Meeting | June 29, 2020
Today's digital event experience is pretty pathetic. Generally speaking: They're poorly marketed. No one really knows what to expect. They overpromise, under-deliver and often skirt over crucial or complex topics.

Moderators are lousy at moderating. They ask generic questions that elicit generic answers and spend too little or too much time on a topic. Presenters certainly share responsibility for generic answers, but they bare sole responsibility for not understanding their audience's needs and customizing their content accordingly. 

But the worst thing is when you ask participants what their key takeaways were immediately following an event, and they struggle to answer. That speaks volumes about your content, the delivery and ultimately, the value of your digital event. But there is a better way.

Meeting professionals looking to wow attendees must prioritize content delivery during the planning process and be open to trying new tactics. Read the full story on for top tips on how to create a standout event.