by Matt Alderton | December 11, 2017
'Tis the season for giving gifts. And if you're a manager or business owner, your list probably includes not only family and friends, but also employees. If you haven't decided what to get them yet, you should take a moment to think beyond the obvious choices, according to contributor Jason Mauser.
"Cocktail parties, company-branded tchotchkes, and the infamous holiday fruit basket can be the easiest go-to choices, but may not resonate with everyone. Without careful consideration, it's easy to waste valuable time, energy, and budget on employee gifts that fall flat," says Mauser, who recommends gifts that "demonstrate gratitude and support year-round employee engagement."

One idea, for instance, is an extra day off. "If your business sometimes requires late nights, weekend work, or other unpaid overtime, why not repay your team for their dedication with some additional paid time off?" Mauser suggests. "Giving them time to be with their families shows appreciation in a way few other gifts can, and combining that with a gift card to a spa, restaurant, or other retailer can heighten the impact of the reward and make it more meaningful. Not every company can give high-dollar bonuses, but most could afford a little extra time off. Giving the gift of time to employees to spend time with their loved ones can take gifts from good to great."

Subscription services also are a good choice, according to Mauser. "Tailorable subscription services like those for popular food and drinks can be delivered to employees via email within minutes and, once redeemed, will show up right at their door -- providing regular reminders of your appreciation," he says.

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