by Matt Alderton | July 16, 2019
If you're in the market for new career opportunities, one of the best tools for finding them is LinkedIn. And one of the best networking tools LinkedIn has to offer is InMail, its messaging platform for communicating with people to whom you're not directly connected.

"Used well, InMail can be a powerful networking tool," author and LinkedIn product marketing manager Neha Mandhani writes in an article for Fast Company. "But … you'll want to make sure the messages you send are actually getting read and responded to -- and that goes for recruiters as much as for ordinary members who use LinkedIn for networking."

One way to make your InMail messages more effective is to make them personal.

"Simply sending personalized InMails instead of canned templates can boost your response rate by 15 percent," Mandhani notes. "I'm a yoga teacher in addition to my marketing role at LinkedIn. A few years back, a recruiter who also happens to be a yoga teacher got in touch and referred to both of our yoga careers. While I wasn't interested in the role, I took the time to respond and say thanks for reaching out. Mentioning things you have in common helps create an immediate personal connection and can boost your chances of getting a response."

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