by Matt Alderton | July 17, 2019
If your business is going to choose one social network on which to market itself, that social network should be Instagram, author Tomas Laurinavicius argues in an article for

"Instagram is predicted to add 26.9 million users in the U.S. by 2020. That's far more than Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform tracked," Laurinavicius says. "The platform is living its golden age."

Of course, if you want to enjoy your share of the gold, you'll need to attract a following. A clever way to do so, according to Laurinavicius, is to choose a strategic Instagram name -- which is different than your username.

"Don't use your name (unless you're famous), but rather pick a keyword or keywords that people will be searching for," Laurinavicius explains. "That's why my name on my account is Travel Lifestyle Entrepreneur, which is easy to change and test while my username @tomaslaurinavicius stays the same."

Your bio also is important. "You have 160 characters to charm your potential new followers," Laurinavicius continues. "The importance of this element cannot be overstated; if you succeed and manage to tell people what you do, who you are, and what drives you in a compelling and personal way, you'll be picking up new followers every day. Play around with your bio copy to find what clicks with your audience."

Finally, perfect your hashtag game.

"Use less popular hashtags for a chance to make into the 'Top' section," Laurinavicius concludes. "Hashtags [that] have millions of posts … won't do much for your account's growth in the long run. What you need are community-oriented, specific hashtags that will drive more engagement and help you build a brand. INK361 is a free tool you can use to find less popular hashtags. Simply search for a term and choose a hashtag to see the search volume. If your account is small, don't target hashtags bigger than 50,000 in search volume."

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