by Matt Alderton | November 28, 2017
If you want to advance your career, you've got to be not only a productive employee, but also a likeable one. And according to The Muse contributor Caris Thetford, the easiest way to be liked is to utter two little words as often as possible: thank you.

"Saying 'thank you' is an often overlooked way to invest in yourself professionally," Thetford says.

Being thankful starts with actually saying the words "thank you." It shouldn't end there, however.

"When someone goes beyond a small, simple gesture to assist you, consider sending a thank you email, card, or even a small gift," Thetford continues. "Maybe a colleague stayed late to help you work through an issue with one of your projects. Does she like cupcakes? Try surprising her with her favorite flavor. Maybe a colleague put in a good word for you with a key player in his network. An email or handwritten thank you card is in order."

The more gratitude you express, the farther your career is likely to take you. "Your professional relationships will benefit from your attitude of gratitude," Thetford concludes. "Just think: Have you ever helped a colleague, who later took all of the credit for that work? Now, do you remember someone who went out of his or her way to recognize and thank you for something you did? Which person are you most likely to help if he or she comes calling for your support again? The latter, of course. You want to be the gracious person people don't mind helping."

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