by Elise Schoening | January 03, 2020
When it comes to social media, the same big-name players tend to come to mind. But other, oft-overlooked platforms, such as Pinterest, can be just as valuable, if not more so. Meeting planners, in particular, stand to benefit from using Pinterest to help with event organization, venue inspiration and even sustainability offerings.

Pinterest, which describes itself as a "visual discovery platform," is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann quit his job at Google in 2008 to begin working on his own startup, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. After a failed attempt to create a shopping app called Tote, Silbermann successfully launched Pinterest in 2010 with the help of co-founders Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra.

Today, the platform reports more than 300 million active monthly users and has been growing at a rapid pace over the past few years. According to Hootsuite, there has been a 75 percent increase in the number of "pins" since 2017 and Pinterest users are twice as likely to say their time is well spent, compared with other social media sites.

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