by Matt Alderton | November 10, 2015
At home, the end of the year is all about holiday cheer. At work, however, it's often about performance -- specifically, year-end performance reviews.

Making sure your review goes well when it happens requires doing some homework, according to Robin Reshwan, a contributor to U.S. News & World Report's "On Careers" blog.

"Hiring is a significant financial investment for companies. Are you a great return on the investment?" Reshwan asks. "MVP employees reduce the time (and costs) associated with completing business operations. Think about your role and note ways you reduced time or costs. Did your great customer service result in repeat business? Did your attention to detail minimize errors and reduce customer complaints? Did your strategic planning reduce delays? Did you increase efficiencies and reduce the man hours required to complete certain processes? Any measurable reduction in time or costs is a benefit to your employer and a plus for your career options."

Armed with this knowledge, you can turn your year-end review from a conversation about how well you've performed to one about how much you've contributed. That, Reshwan says, will prime you for fresh career opportunities in the new year.

"The annual performance review could catapult your career," she says. "Don't miss out on your chance to enhance your career before the end of the year."

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