by Matt Alderton | March 12, 2018
Talent is the lifeblood of any business. Attracting and retaining it, however, requires more than strong leadership and exciting work. It also requires a dynamic office environment, according to INTHEBLACK contributor Shelley Dempsey.
"Talent attraction is the killer issue in design, as well as staff engagement and retention," Steve Coster, principal and workplace design specialist at Australian design practice Hassell, tells Dempsey, who says the key to an attractive workplace in the modern era is one that facilitates health and wellness.

"Sunshine, fresh air, greenery, and exercise are important to office workers who work long hours," continues Demsey, who suggests incorporating features like communal food gardens and rooftop green spaces outside (indoor plants will suffice if your office lacks outdoor space) and offerings like nap pods, walking meeting tracks, and standing desks inside.

"Sitting is regarded as the new smoking," Amanda Stanaway, regional workplace sector leader for Australian design company Woods Bagot, tells Dempsey.

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