by Kevin Dana, CORT Events | February 14, 2020
You've lined up some great speakers, a delicious catering menu and the right balance of attendees to ensure lively exchanges throughout the conference. But when your event begins, something is still missing. It may be that you are forgetting about an aspect of your event that, while central to the attendee experience, is often overlooked by meeting planners: the furniture. To accommodate today's fast-paced and versatile professionals, meeting planners must design experiential corporate meeting spaces. 

That means encouraging a sense of creativity without sacrificing professionalism -- not always an easy balance to strike. But by drawing inspiration from the latest design trends, meeting planners can break free of traditional design restrictions. Right now, the trends we at CORT Events see driving design include exploring mixed materials, organic colors schemes, bohemian décor and creating a design that is centered on comfort and wellness.  

These tactics, which can be summarized as Mediterranean Craft style, create a stylish yet functional space that is likely to inspire productivity. Read the full story on to learn about three furniture trends that can help elevate your event.