by Matt Alderton | January 14, 2018
If you want to retain your employees, you must make sure they're happy. And if you want your employees to be happy, you must create a positive environment in which for them to work.
"Moods are extremely contagious, and as a manager, it is ultimately your role to drive the mood in your team or office," says guest writer Gabriel Shaoolian. "Creating a positive working environment isn't an easy task, but it shouldn't be rocket science either."

To make your office a more positive place, add two words to your vocabulary, Shaoolian says: thank you.

"Express gratitude to your employees on a regular basis," he advises. "In addition to the frequent 'thank you,' ensure you offer some motivational encouragement that will support your employees in all aspects of their career."

Positive reinforcement also is key.

"Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool for managers," Shaoolian concludes. "Giving your employees the scope to make a difference, and thanking them for doing so, are two of most compelling positive reinforcement techniques that you can use as a manager."

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