by Matt Alderton | February 01, 2017
Temporary workers can be a major asset for a business in need.

"Temporary workers can be a godsend," agrees Intuit Small Business Blog contributor Sheryl Nance-Nash. "They meet your small-business needs at a lower cost than regular full-time employees with benefits, which is a huge plus when you don't have the resources to hire permanent staff."

Indeed, good temporary workers can be a blessing. Just as certainly, however, bad ones can be a curse. For that reason, choosing the right temp agency is critical.

To find the perfect fit, consider meeting with the agency reps who will supply your temporary workforce. Doing so will help you screen those who in turn will be screening your workers, and will also allow you to build a relationship that ensures you get the first pick of the agency's litter.

"Invite the reps to your company, give them a tour and answer their questions," says Nance-Nash, who consulted business consultant Jim Grew on the topic.

"Treat them like employees you want to hire," Grew, president of The Grew Company, tells Nance-Nash. "They'll serve you better."

Also important, according to Nance-Nash: Pick an agency that screens its temps by giving them both drug tests and background checks. Your business is your baby, after all; you wouldn't hire just any babysitter, would you?

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