by Matt Alderton | January 22, 2017
Like a plant without water, meetings that grow stale eventually will wither and die. In order to prevent that from happening, meeting planners must keep their events flush with new attendees -- especially young ones, whose interest and loyalty are essential for a meeting's longevity.
"Millennials are now the largest generation in America, comprising more than one-third of the current workforce," Erica Morris, digital communication specialist at the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, tells Successful Meetings magazine. "So it's not only good business sense to be Millennial-minded … it's essential."

Being "Millennial-minded" starts with choosing a Millennial-friendly meeting venue. That means choosing a hotel that's not just practical, but also unique.

"Millennials don't like anything that's cookie-cutter," explains Anna DeLeo, director of marketing and communications at the Aloft Boston Seaport, who says meeting planners should look for venues with "Instagram-worthy" aesthetics and experiences. "Millennials want to meet in spaces that have personality."

For example, consider Hotel Zephyr (pictured) in San Francisco. "Notable design aspects include … use of recycled shipping crates that serve as oversized, inventive planters and three-dimensional walls; a 'living wall-art' utilizing buoys and guests' own bicycles; and curated art," reports Jill Plemons, director of sales and marketing at Hotel Zephyr.

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