by Matt Alderton | June 20, 2019
Pets can be a great source of not only companionship, but also stress relief. Although they're always waiting for you when you get home, when you need their love the most is often in the middle of a crazy day at work. Especially if you're a time-starved meeting professional.

Fortunately for you, Friday, June 21, is "Take Your Dog to Work Day." Created by Pet Sitters International -- which established it in 1999 to celebrate what great companions dogs make while also promoting their adoptions -- this special day encourages employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace in order to support their local pet community.

Whether your employer allows you to bring your dog to work just one day a year or every day, it's important to be mindful of your colleagues. Otherwise, your dog's presence may create new stressors even as it's vanquishing others.

First of all, ask about allergies. "Consider your co-workers' comfort," author Anna Meyer advises in an article for "If your co-workers have pet allergies, you can bet they won't be thrilled about spending the day with your pooch."

Assuming you get the green light from your colleagues, make sure to take your dog for a long walk before work in order to help your day go smoothly.

"By wearing them out before coming to work, your dog will likely be a lot less jumpy and slower to cause commotion," Meyer notes. "A tired pup is a happy pup."

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