by Matt Alderton | August 01, 2017
Because of the people you can meet and the doors they can open for you, networking events can be extremely lucrative for your career. Before you can make connections, however, you have to break the ice.
The worst way you can do so is to ask a "job title" question like "What do you do?" or "Where do you work?"

So says contributor Melanie Deziel. "If your goal is to connect with someone, find common ground, and potentially explore a way to partner with them, then these types of surface-level questions will consistently fail to elicit the response you are likely looking for," explains Deziel, who says a better ice-breaking question is: What are you passionate about?

"This is especially true for those with an entrepreneurial streak, a creative spirit, or a dedication to a cause. By asking them what they do for work, you're effectively asking how they pay the bills, versus inviting them into a conversation about what's really important to them," Deziel continues. "When you swap out you standard 'What do you do?' questions for a more open ended inquiry, you create the space for someone to share a passion that may run deeper than their profession, and increase your chances of making an authentic connection."

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