by Matt Alderton | July 10, 2014
An survey of 2,060 adults finds that 89 percent of U.S. workers are most productive when they're working alone. Unfortunately, few have the luxury of doing so, which begs the question: How can you tune more people out in order to get more done?

CNN Money contributor Anne Fisher has some suggestions. According to the survey, the most commonly cited distraction in offices is "loud colleagues" (63 percent). For that, Fisher recommends noise-canceling headphones; investing in a good pair could help you realize substantial gains in productivity by drowning out office din.

For another common distraction - co-workers who frequently stop by to chat (40 percent) - Fisher looks to the survey results themselves. "In order to keep 'idle chatter' to a minimum, 46 percent mainly use email, IM or phone to communicate even with people who sit right next to them," she reports.

Although it sounds anti-social, therefore, the best way to become more focused at work is to strap on your headphones and log into your instant messaging program.

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