by Matt Alderton | January 30, 2019
Business is a complicated endeavor. Whether a company performs well is a function of many factors, including marketing, cash flow and macroeconomic conditions, to name but a few of the many variables that impact business success.
These days, another important variable is communication, author Barry Moltz argues in a blog post for Small Business Trends. The reason: technology.

"We do less and less business communications face to face these days than we do virtually," Moltz writes. "Effectively communicating with people by email or text is a lot different than doing it over the phone, through video chat or in person."

In an interview with Moltz, Dr. Nick Morgan -- author of "Can You Hear Me? How to Connect with People in a Virtual World" -- explained further. "According to Nick, texting and emailing doesn't work as well as we think," Moltz continues. "In person, business communication is much more effective because 'at least we can nod our head, give a wink or touch someone on the shoulder to convey the true meaning.' Nick believes that the biggest problem with virtual communication is that human intent does not come through in these short writing styles."

The problem with that is simple: Without human intent, words can get misconstrued and misinterpreted. And that can have real business consequences by warping relationships with vendors, clients and colleagues.

"To remedy this … Nick advises two actions," Moltz concludes. "1) Ask the virtual receiver, 'How did what I just said make you feel?' This will guarantee feedback from the person. 2) Use text emojis in your messages. Research shows that big organizations think they are childish, but Nick believes that a smiling face or a wink will show the ironic or joking intent which is so critical."

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