by Matt Alderton | December 04, 2017
What people say is true: If you want to get ahead in life, you should try working smarter, not harder.

The same is true of business, according to guest writer Tommy Mello, who says companies that want to succeed should "bake top performance" into their culture. One way to do that, he says, is to solicit ideas from employees instead of prescribing your own solutions.

"Employees often have amazing suggestions that take your business processes to the next level. But, they just might not have the right channels to share their insights," Mello says. "Once you make it clear that you welcome and even reward feedback, you'll have tons of great ideas thrown your way. This helps cultivate a company-wide mindset of doing great work, but also doing work that gets better each time."

To drive participation from employees, Mello suggests offering incentives.

"At my company, we have a process helpline, which is basically just a box in which people can throw any process improvement suggestions," he concludes. "At the end of each week, we pick the three best suggestions, and reward their contributors with $50 per suggestion."

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