by Matt Alderton | May 04, 2017
If you're struggling with work/life balance, the solution might be simpler than you think: Go home.

"Many of us can't wait to pack up and head home at the end of a long workday: We count down the hours and as soon as our shift is up, we're out the door," said LifeHacker contributor Alan Henry. "For others, there's a stigma to leaving on time, or worse, we have a difficult time forcing ourselves to leave the office, whether or not we love our work."

Whether you're a workaholic who just can't call it quits, or a devoted employee who feels guilty leaving before your boss, getting off the clock when it's good for you might require you to twist your own arm.

One way to "trick yourself" into an on-time exit, according to Henry, is scheduling an after-work activity. "If you've been meaning to get into shape, take a yoga class, or volunteer at a local charity, making sure you sign up for activities that will force you to leave the office at a regular time every day is a great way to stay active, do something with yourself outside of the office, and give yourself incentive to leave the office every day on time," he said.

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