by AlexAnndra Ontra, Shufflrr | January 06, 2020
As a meeting planner, you know the importance of booking keynote speakers who will engage your audience. In fact, according to event software company Bizzabo, 53 percent of surveyed planners admit attendees crave more interaction during speaker segments, and many work tirelessly to vet and book talent that will deliver such an experience. After all, engagement and satisfaction play huge roles in determining whether attendees will come back next year.

Once the conference is over, it's important attendees walk away feeling that they've gained valuable insight; and it's your job to help presenters capture their attention. But how?

These days, presenters have countless resources at their fingertips, yet many still rely on linear PowerPoint bullets for their presentations. It's time to revolutionize the presentation structure. For tips on how to ensure your presenters deliver maximum audience engagement, read the full story on