by Deanna Ting | March 03, 2014

Instead of serving up a bar with soda or alcohol, consider setting up a smoothie bar that uses fresh fruits. // © Westin Hotels & Resorts

Here are just a few simple and cost-effective F&B examples and tips from experts and planners that pack a powerful nutritional punch. For more tips on how to make your meetings and events healthier overall, click here.

• Set up a trail mix bar for attendees that lets them create their own trail mix at meetings

• Serve “skinny cocktails” made with low-calorie liquors. Or ask hotels or venues to provide you with a fresh, custom juice bar station instead of a bar serving up soda or alcohol between sessions. Many hotels, including Westin and Kimpton's Eventi Hotel in New York City, offer these types of set-ups.

• Provide a working lunch that includes fully packed picnic baskets, encouraging attendees to split off into smaller groups and to eat healthfully outdoors

• Offer an easy grab-and-go breakfast like oatmeal served in coffee mugs

• Serve vegetable crudité or fruit kebabs

• Invite meeting attendees to participate in the cooking process to work together to create a healthy meal

• Always offer proteins in combination with carbohydrates

• Always have attendees eat breakfast within an hour of waking

• Add lemon or other fruit to water to encourage more people to drink it

• Cut out mayonnaise-based sides and replace butter with olive oil and fresh herbs 

• Serve hard-boiled eggs, a great source of protein

• Always pay attention to portion sizes