by Andrea Doyle | October 25, 2016
A "Laughter, Wine, and Wellness Happy Hour" is the latest program offered by Suprema Gourmet, the New York City-based nutritional consulting company of nutritionist, comedian, and chef Suprina Berenyi.

"We're barreling toward the end of the year, a season chock full of personal and professional stresses," says Berenyi. "What better gift to your employees than a 'Laughter, Wine and Wellness Happy Hour' to kick off the madness and give everyone a chance to bond and come away with coping mechanisms to thrive for the holidays." 

Suprema Gourmet will conduct the one-hour happy hour anywhere in the United States, whether that's the office, a restaurant, cocktail lounge, or other venue. 

In addition to Berenyi's Laughter, Wine and Wellness Happy Hour, she offers programs that include wellness seminars, smoking cessation courses, cooking classes, lunch and learn gatherings, and individual employee counseling.

Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Berenyi studied homeopathic food during her years in India, Bangladesh, China, and Korea. Her consulting service specializes in private, corporate, and industry wellness, and her clients include Nasdaq, Harvard Woman's Group, Risk Management Solutions, and Cigna Health Insurance.