Site Selection Dos and Don’ts

June 21, 2017, 2pm ET:In this webcast, Kendra Murray, Vice President, Meetings & Incentives at Bishop-McCann, and Dahlton Bennington, Director of Meetings and Incentives at PROfound Planning, site selection specialists will detail a comprehensive strategy guide for how to conduct a successful site inspection. They will reveal best practices for gauging the ability of destinations and hotels to meet the general requirements of a meeting (such as what type of destination or property meets the event's objective) as well as specific requirements such as room accommodations, F&B, technology, function space, and other important considerations.(Sponsored by Kalahari) 


How to Stretch an F&B Budget

July 28, 2017, 2pm ET: Budget issues are always a stumbling block to producing great F&B for meetings. In this webcast, experienced, planners and top convention service managers will share best practices for saving money and how to find places to trim a budget without affecting the quality of the dining experience.


January 2017: Navigating the Merger Landscape

January 19 

Navigating the Merger Landscape

As airlines and hotel brands consolidate, meeting planners are adapting to a new reality where hotels have even more negotiating power and airlines are reducing the number flight options. This session will feature tips and best practices from planners and suppliers on how being strategic, flexible, and informed can give planners the tools to survive and even thrive.      

CMP: Domain I, Strategic Planning

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February 2017: Top Meeting Tech Trends

February 22

Top Meeting Tech Trends

Discover what technology you should be considering to use now and new tools that are on the horizon. This webcast will cover the important tech trends that every planner should know, especially in the areas of: mobile technology, social media, location-based technology, wearable computing and more. Expert presenters will detail steps to prepare for these changes and offer links, tips, apps and ideas that can attendees can use immediately.

Speakers: Wilson Tang, Vice President, Digital Experience, Freeman and Matt Bendett, Head of Central Operations, Peerspace
Sponsor: Meet Atlantic City
CMP: Domain G, Meeting or Event Design

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March 2017: Including the Rainbow — Planning the LGBT-Friendly Event

March 22

Including the Rainbow — Planning the LGBT-Friendly Event The LGBT event is a growing niche in the meetings industry. Destinations around the country are developing programs and marketing strategies to reach and serve this market. Most meetings do not specifically focus on LGBT issues but almost all meetings include attendees who are a part of the LGBT community. How should this fact be reflected in the content of mainstream meetings and events? In this webcast, experienced planners and suppliers will present best practices for building itineraries, creating content, promoting, and executing meetings and events that create a spirit of inclusion for all attendees.

CMP: Domain G, Meeting or Event Design
Sponsor: Greater Fort Lauderdale

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April 2017: Using Apps to Jumpstart Your Events

April 19

Using Apps to Jumpstart Your Events - As event technology continues to evolve, it’s become more important for planners to enhance their use of apps and other tech tools. The webcast will discuss what new apps are available for meeting planners while laying out best practices for using these tools to help them — and their attendees, sponsors, and presenters — get more out of their events. 


Matt Keowen, Vice President of Marketing at Guidebook Inc.

Tess Vismale, CMP, DES, Chief Event Executioner for iSocialExecution, Inc.


CMP: Domain B, Project Management
Sponsor: Discover the Palm Beaches

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May 2017: How to Become a Top Negotiator

May 18

How to Become a Top Negotiator

This webcast will explore the positions taken by both suppliers and planners when negotiating. Participants will learn the techniques of professional negotiators and how to use these techniques to leverage the value of their meetings against the most important bargaining factors considered by suppliers.

CMP: Domain B, Project Management

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December 2016: Maximize Your Event’s Sponsorship Potential

December 1 - 2pm ET 

Maximize Your Event’s Sponsorship Potential


Few things are more important today than showing upper management that meetings and events can generate revenue. One of the best ways to achieve that is to create ancillary revenue streams through sponsorships. In this webcast event marketing experts, and will explore how sponsors assess the value of event sponsorships, give planners tips for pitching sponsorships, and help planners develop strategies to help sponsors achieve their goals while not disrupting the goals of the event.  


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October 2016: Third Party Planner Business Strategy Guide

October 13 - 2pm ET 

Third Party Planner Business Strategy Guide 

This webcast is specifically designed for independent planners and companies. It will include an exploration of various contracting concepts important when drafting the independent party's agreement with a corporate or association client.


Pat Ahaesy, CMP, CSEP, President & Partner
P&V Enterprises

Marty Streeper, President
Meeting Management Group, Inc. 

Brad Langley, VP of Third-Party Market

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November 2016: Using Demographics to Plan Better Meetings

November 3 - 2pm ET

Using Demographics to Plan Better Meetings

Our workforce is more diverse than ever in terms of ethnicity, age, and the personal perspectives that all these differences reflect. Increasing diversity leads to increasing complexity, which requires enhanced efforts for inclusion in meetings. In this webcast experts in business etiquette, cultural diversity, marketing, and event planning will offer best practices for creating events that embrace diversity


Sharon Fuller, Senior Account Director, Aimia

Chris Ballman, Senior Director, Education and Learning Services, SmithBucklin



July 2014 Webcast: An Event in the Palm of Your Hand: How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Live Events

July 24 2:00 | PM Eastern


Description: An increasing number of participants are leaving their laptops at home. From attendees to exhibitors to event organizers, key stakeholders are demanding more from mobile. This webcast will explore best practices in mobile technology in three areas: Event applications for attendees, management applications for organizers, and lead generation applications for exhibitors.


Moderator: Andrea Doyle 


CMP Credit: A. Strategic Planning, 1 hour

May 2014 Webcast: Solutions for a Tight Budget

May 22 2:00|PM Eastern

Description: Budget issues are always a stumbling block to producing great meetings. In this webcast, experienced, planners and suppliers will share best practices for saving money and how to find places to trim a budget without affecting the quality of the meeting experience.

Moderator: Leo Jakobson
Kandace Ayala, CMP, Lead Planner, CWT Meetings & Events

Ellie Hurley, Senior Manager, Event Services, SmithBucklin

CMP Credit: A. Strategic Planning, 1 hour