by Matt Alderton | July 14, 2015
Business travelers wanted hotel Wi-Fi. And for the most part, now they have it. That's not the only technology they crave, however. According to a new white paper published today by the GBTA Foundation -- the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) -- there are several other areas in which technology could improve the hotel experience for business travelers.

"With the cries for Wi-Fi heard and answered, hotels can and should turn their attention and resources to addressing a number of areas where technology can play an innovative role in providing business travelers with the tools and amenities they crave," said Joseph Bates, GBTA Foundation vice president of research.

The white paper, "Harnessing Technology to Improve Business Traveler Hotel Experience," identifies three "areas of excitement" in which new technology could improve the business traveler experience at hotels: seamless online check-in and room entry, developing a text or app-based concierge service, and integrating e-folios into expense reporting software.

Additionally, the white paper offers three areas in which hotels could improve on existing technology in order to increase business traveler satisfaction: improving technology around the use of airport shuttle services, tailoring pre-trip communications such as texts and emails to the business traveler instead of the leisure traveler, and improving the information exchange between hotels and the global distribution system (GDS).

Concluded Romain Roulleau, senior vice president of e-commerce and digital services for AccorHotels, which sponsored the white paper: "It is important to pay close attention to consumers' needs, habits, and requests and integrate new technologies that address these demands at every touchpoint to better serve them."

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