by Matt Alderton | October 08, 2012
If they want to motivate people, managers, meeting planners and incentive specialists should consider cruises for employee rewards and group outings, concludes a recent poll by cruise meetings specialist Landry & Kling Inc., the results of which were released last month.

The poll asked 1,500 Americans what four-night travel experience would most motivate them to reach challenging, work-related goals: a Las Vegas hotel, a resort in the Dominican Republic, an Orlando hotel or a Caribbean cruise. Overall, the cruise ranked No. 1, selected by 39 percent of respondents. That was followed by Las Vegas in second place, the Dominican Republic in third place and Orlando in fourth place.

Cruises were most popular among women, West Coast residents and 18- to 24-year-olds; 42 percent, 42 percent and 43 percent of respondents in those groups, respectively, chose the cruise as their top choice.

"When it comes to travel, cruises rank high on people's bucket list," said Landry & Kling President Jo Kling. "Cruises are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to traditional land-based events. They also create an environment that lends itself to networking, and strengthens employee relationships."