by Deanna Ting | November 04, 2013
The newest whitepaper from the Site International Foundation explores a pressing topic that affects all incentive programs and events: risk. The paper, titled “Incentives Move Business: Risk Assessment/Management for Incentive Events,” was released just a day after the one-year anniversary of the destruction and disruption caused by Hurricane Sandy reverberated throughout the Northeastern United States.

In the report, Site gives incentive planners a broad overview of what to do when an unlikely event — such as a natural disaster, government/labor unrest, a transportation disruption, a medical emergency, or an act of terrorism or violence — occurs.

Although the whitepaper’s authors concede that “there is no single management technique for every identifiable risk,” they do offer some key resources for planners to consult with, and offer a template for developing a plan. Some of those resources include government travel advisories, destination experts (destination management companies, hotel management, destination marketing organizations, etc.), insurance companies, airlines, legal departments, private security companies and financial advisors.

The paper concludes by quoting John Hooker, managing director of events, hospitality, and travel consulting firm JHCP: “Risk assessment is only a tool to help you adopt a structured approach to the safety of your event. It does not guarantee that nothing will happen. Careful attention to the process should ensure that potential risks are identified before they occur.”

To read the entire whitepaper, download it from Site's website.