by Matt Alderton | June 07, 2013
Budget sequestration was supposed to cause significant flight delays for U.S. travelers. So far, however, it hasn’t. So finds a new analysis by flight tracking firm FlightStats, whose “May 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report” shows that North American air traffic performance in May remained “quite constant” with the previous two months.

In April, the U.S. Travel Association predicted that furloughs of air traffic control personnel by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) — the result of indiscriminate budget cuts required by sequestration — could cause delays for more than 6,700 flights per day across the United States. In May, however, North American airlines on average delivered 79.98 percent of all their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule, according to FlightStats. In March and April, that number was 79.04 percent and 78.27 percent, respectively.

North America’s top performing airlines last month, based on their on-time performance, were:

1. Aeroméxico Connect (93.02 percent)
2. Horizon (91.66 percent)
3. Hawaiian (90.85 percent)
4. Alaska (89.57 percent)
5. Jazz (87.41 percent)
6. Compass (86.86 percent)
7. Delta (86.00 percent)
8. PSA (84.19 percent)
9. Airtran (83.44 percent)
10. SkyWest (83.07 percent)

By contrast, major carriers’ on-time performance was as follows:

1. Alaska (89.57 percent)
2. Delta (86 percent)
3. Air Canada (82.86 percent)
4. US Airways (82.29 percent)
5. JetBlue (80.44 percent)
6. United (80.28 percent)
7. Southwest (78.97 percent)
8. American (77.08 percent)

To view the “May 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report” in its entirety — including on-time performance for airlines and airports around the world — download it from FlightStats’ website.

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