by Matt Alderton | April 05, 2018
As a meeting planner, you've probably been to -- or at least are familiar with -- most top-tier meeting destinations. If you have a group that wants to meet in, say, Las Vegas, New York, or Orlando, you may already be familiar with the city's pros and cons, its hotels and meeting venues, and what things cost. But what if you've got a smaller group that's interested in a slightly smaller city? Chances are you're a lot less familiar with Allentown, PA, than you are with, say, Atlanta, GA.

Fortunately, travel-rewards website RewardExpert has you covered with its ranking of "2018's Best Midsized Cities for Business Meetings."

Published today, the list identifies the top 30 midsized U.S. cities for meetings and conventions that are smaller and more affordable than major cities, but offer many of the same amenities.

"As a small business owner, I know how challenging it can be to choose a location in which to host a business meeting that will be both pleasant for my clients and team members, and work within our budget," said Roman Shteyn, CEO and co-founder of RewardExpert. "There are plenty of locations across the country outside of New York, L.A., or Chicago that strike a balance between fun and affordability."

Based on 20 data indicators across seven overarching categories -- affordability, climate, commute, business atmosphere, events, accommodations and dining, and safety -- RewardExpert's rankings are broken down into six different regions:

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the Northeast are Edison, NJ; Allentown, PA; and Providence, RI.

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the Midwest are Elgin, IL; Naperville, IL; and Warren, MI.

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the Mountain West are Peoria, AZ; Arvada, CO; and Chandler, AZ.

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the Pacific West are West Covina, CA; Huntington Beach, CA; and Downey, CA.

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the South Atlantic are Savannah, GA; Sandy Springs, GA; and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

• The top midsized meeting destinations in the South Central region are Irving, TX; Pasadena, TX; and Richardson, TX.

"Hosting a meeting in a midsized city is a great opportunity for clients and team members to see new, off-the-beaten path destinations in the country," concluded Shteyn. "You don't need to be in a bustling metropolis to experience culture and find engaging activities. These cities are easy to get to, packed with sights and events, and most importantly, they are easy on the wallet."

RewardExpert's full rankings are available on its website.