by Matt Alderton | October 15, 2013
Although it’s more than a decade old, the concept of “strategic meetings management” (SMM) is still ill-defined. With that in mind, the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation recently commenced a study of SMM’s evolution, growth and future, the results of which were released yesterday.

Titled “Strategic Meetings Management: Taxonomy, Growth and Future,” the study’s conclusions include:

• Return on investment (ROI) is emotional as well as financial. At its best, therefore, SMM engages attendees before, during and after a meeting.

• Measurements must be based not only on ROI, but also on ROO — return on objectives.

• Senior stakeholder support is critical for SMM success.

• SMM must be customized to fit individual companies’ business goals, objectives and culture.

• Creating and nurturing business partnerships is important because it can reduce risk, garner better service and improve negotiating power.

“SMM has been a hard concept to define. While there are many best practices, SMM varies from organization to organization,” MPI Chief Operating Officer Cindy D’Aoust said in a statement. “With this research, we are looking to broaden the scope of SMM and position it as a framework for optimizing meetings across enterprises.”

The MPI Foundation’s SMM study will include two phases. While phase one involved gathering research, phase two — continuing through next year — will utilize that research to create professional development tools, including case studies, video guides, white papers and research reports. For more information, visit

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