by Matt Alderton | July 21, 2014
Although most people book hotels online, many hoteliers fail to advertise in the place where Internet users spend most of their time: social networks.
So finds a new survey by hotel consultancy TravelClick, which recently polled 91 hoteliers worldwide and found that 34 percent of them don't advertise at all on Facebook, the world's most trafficked social network, and that less than a quarter (23 percent) have increased their Facebook ad budget for 2014.

TravelClick Senior Vice President of Global Product Management John Hach says hoteliers are slow to utilize social media because it is currently seen more as a brand awareness tactic than a direct-booking tactic. However, TravelClick's poll found that 11 percent of hoteliers derive bookings directly from Facebook, and another 11 percent from Google+.

The granddaddy of social networks for hoteliers is travel review site TripAdvisor, which drives hotel bookings for 78 percent of hoteliers.