by Matt Alderton | October 31, 2017
Most meeting and event professionals understand the value of collecting data at their events, but few of them actually do a good job of leveraging it, finds a new study published last week by meetings technology company Cvent.
Titled "The Power of Live Event Data," the study is based on a survey of more than 600 event producers, meeting planners, and corporate event marketers, 81 percent of who said gathering data from attendees' digital and physical footprints at live events is "extremely important so that event planners can track the attendee journey to create better events and realize their full ROI." And yet, only 20 percent of survey respondents said their organizations do a good job at actually integrating the data they collect.

Other key findings:

• Seventy-five percent of event professionals say their organization is missing out on marketing opportunities by failing to build and use data-based attendee profiles that track the attendee journey.

• Only 29 percent of event professionals say their organization is effective at collecting data, and of those, just 23 percent say their organization is effective at using their event data.

• Only 38 percent of event professionals say they understand what their attendees actually do while they're at their events.

• Eighty-eight percent of attendees agree that onsite technologies, such as self-service registration kiosks, improve their event experience.

Cvent's survey is part of "The Power of Live Events," a new campaign the company has launched to promote the value of its solutions by highlighting the benefits of experiential marketing, data collection, and technology.

"It is essential that event planners and marketers have access to the proper tools and technology to gather and harness event data in a way that provides actionable insights," said Patrick Smith, Cvent's chief marketing officer. "Having a better understanding of event audiences -- and their interests and preferences -- enables event producers to develop a more compelling program, produce a better experience, drive more attendance, and ultimately deliver a greater event ROI."

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