by Matt Alderton | November 09, 2017

Trade show and convention organizers spend days trying to help exhibitors engage attendees on the show floor. Their efforts don't stop when the exhibition ends, however. They continue well after, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), which yesterday published the final report in its eight-part "2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study."

Titled "Part Eight: Exhibition Organizers - Methods Used to Evaluate Outcomes," the report examines how trade show organizers evaluate their attendee engagement efforts and work to improve them in the future. Nearly all organizers (94 percent) have a process for evaluating attendee-engagement outcomes, it finds, and those who want to improve said outcomes in the future most often turn to interactive education formats (52 percent) and analytics that they utilize to create a more personalized attendee experience (51 percent).

The report also reveals an appetite for new trade show formats, with more than half of trade show organizers indicating that they are considering new floor models and floor layouts to help them increase attendee engagement. For instance, nearly a quarter of trade show organizers (24 percent) say they're interested in formats that exclude traditional pipe-and-drape floor layouts.

"Exhibition organizers are operating in tremendously dynamic, transformative times," said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden. "Exhibitor marketing practices are evolving and so are B2B exhibition attendee engagement preferences. It is vitally important that organizers remain focused on improving and evolving attendee engagement offerings in tandem with these changes. This report provides a useful benchmark report to compare one's practices to industry norms. It can help support and maximize the success of organizers' strategic planning efforts."

"Part Eight: Exhibition Organizers - Methods Used to Evaluate Outcomes" -- as well as CEIR's preceding seven reports, which cover exhibitor in-booth tactics, floor networking opportunities, floor product engagement activities, and floor learning activities -- is available for purchase from CEIR's website.

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