by Matt Alderton | January 21, 2016

The meetings industry is abuzz with talk of apps and ROI. However, a new survey released today by event management platform Bizzabo suggests that the buzz might be nothing more than noise. For now, at least.

The "Event Professionals of Tomorrow" survey asked event planners to share their event planning priorities and practices. Its findings: Event planners still rely on email marketing more than social media, are still not adopting event technology en masse, and are more concerned about attendee satisfaction than revenue. 

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Among Bizzabo's findings:

Event Marketing

• Most event planners market events via email, social media, and word of mouth
• Nearly half of planners say email marketing has the biggest impact on registrations
• When it comes to social media, Instagram is growing (28 percent), but Snapchat (3 percent) and Pinterest (7 percent) are underutilized

Event Technology

• More than half of planners spend less than 10 percent of their budget on event software
• Audience engagement solutions (84 percent) are the biggest trend in maximizing event success, followed by wearable devices (35 percent)

Success Metrics

• Most planners (84 percent) say attendee satisfaction is the most important factor in measuring event success; revenue is second
• Most planners consider an event successful when it overcomes their greatest challenge: hitting registration goals
• Almost half of planners say content curation and event agenda building are the most time-consuming aspects of event planning

Said Alon Alroy, co-founder and CMO of Bizzabo, "We believe this new research can help close the gap between how enthusiastic planners are about new and innovative event technologies and their actual adoption of these solutions."

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