by Vincent Alonzo | November 05, 2018
Following two years of merging operations in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida, destination management company Events by TLC and event production company Case have rebranded as one company, VOQIN' Experiences & Events. The new company has 140 employees operating in four countries and plans in excess of 300 events per year. 
"Instead of combining the names, which would have been the easy route, we took the opportunity to create something new," said Events by TLC founder and CEO Diogo Assis. "Today we are VOQIN', and the name comes from the idea of 'provoking meaningful emotional reactions,' the core drive that pushes us as a company to do better and work harder."

Founded in 2002 in Lisbon, Events by TLC expanded into Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and Spain in 2014. Case was founded in 2000 in Sao Paulo and expanded into Florida in 2014. The two companies merged in 2016 and, during the last two years, have been integrating their operations and service offerings.

"We've reached the point where the next logical step was to rebrand as one company," said Assis. "This will help us to elevate the meeting of 'experiential' and make it a driving part of our business and brand strategy." 

The new brand will make it easier for the company to leverage the benefits of its job management system: a single platform that centralizes information, processes, planing and delivery of projects on a 24/7 basis. "This will help us to develop a consistent approach to creating events based on meaningful emotions," Assis said.