by Alex Palmer | July 11, 2018
Goodman Speakers, formerly Goodman Speakers Bureau, has changed its name and refreshed its brand, it announced today. The provider of keynote speakers for meetings and conferences emphasized in its announcement that the new branding aimed to simplify its message and refresh its appeal to planners and event owners.
"Over the last year, we've taken a very close look at the key attributes that distinguish us from our competitors," said Diane Goodman, the company's founder. "This brand refresh is an opportunity to communicate who we are today, and to underscore our relevance in all facets of what we do."

In addition to dropping "Bureau" from the company name, the organization also introduced a new logo, which it described as "simple, friendly and fresh." It includes an orange "G" meant to convey "the energy of speakers and an overall sense of optimism." The typography, color palette, and general look of the logo aim to strike a balance between honoring the organization's past with a more modern appeal.

"We thought of our identity as you might think of an addition to your home -- you know it's really well done when you're not really sure what's new and what's old. We sought to create a brand experience that feels at once very familiar and yet very new and now," said Jenna Jorge, Goodman Speakers' president.

The update also includes a refreshed website with new content including a FAQ section, guide for meeting planners and trend section with topics on what's hot in the events industry. 

"We wanted visitors to be able to find things quickly, from any device, and at any time," said Jorge. She added that the company's tagline remains "A tradition of service," and that, "It's been with us since our inception and we aspire to continue to live up to that promise."